A Foolproof Guide to Properly Clean Your Roof Tiles

The roofs keep the outside elements such as wind, rain, and snow from getting in. However, a poorly maintained roof is a perfect spot for mildew, algae, and other organisms to quickly grow, causing unsightly and expensive damage.

We need to clean our roofs at least every two years. Even though you can do the roofing work yourself, most homeowners choose to hire a roofing contractor for thorough and expert roofing maintenance in Southbury, CT.

Put Safety First and Invest in Quality Protective Gear

Even if it seems easy, cleaning a roof is a bit dangerous. Since you’ll be cleaning at a high level with few safety features, you must take extra care. For your safety, you should buy equipment to clean roof tiles. These things:

  • Slip-proof shoes. So you don’t fall off the roof when you’re cleaning it, you need shoes with good grip.
  • Harness for safety. A harness might seem too much when cleaning a roof, but it could help keep you safe.
  • Ladder. Buy a sturdy ladder that can hold your weight and help keep your balance so you don’t topple over quickly.

It may be tempting to take shortcuts on the quality of these supplies to save money, but you shouldn’t do that for your safety.

Use a Pressure Washer for Optimum Results

Cleaning your roof using only a damp cloth or rag is a time-consuming and tedious process. You may need to continue doing this for several days or weeks. A pressure washer is a fastest and most reliable method for thoroughly cleaning your roof. Thanks to its powerful water jet, you can utilize it to swiftly and efficiently clear your roof of dirt.

The most significant benefit is that it can be cleaned without needing any hazardous chemicals or other materials. A pressure washer requires merely water to function. A pressure washer may streamline and quicken the cleaning process. Renting a pressure washer or working with a local Southbury roofing company will save you the money you would have spent buying your machine.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Everyone knows that a pressure washer’s powerful water jet makes it the best tool for washing a roof. However, finding the ideal pressure for your roof might be tricky unless you’ve done it before. Water could leak into your home in a significant manner if this happens.

So, you need to check your roof thoroughly for any signs of leaks to avoid any unwelcome water damage inside your house. Broken window frames and shattered roof tiles are just two examples of the usual issues. It’s crucial to address these issues before you clean your roof to prevent water leaks. 

To ensure your roof is in good shape before cleaning it, it is best to hire a professional to perform a roof check. This will also help to quickly rectify the issues if ever you need a roof repair.

Anti-moss Spray for Invasive Weeds and Moss

Spray your roof with an anti-moss product to kill the invasive moss and plants that cause damage to your roof. Just pour this into your pressure washer and keep spraying as usual. Wearing rubber gloves would be prudent here because the chemicals could cause burns if mishandled.

After treating your roof tiles with the primary anti-moss solution, you must wait a few minutes to let the solution sink into the crevices. Then, when the weather has cleared, and your roof is dry, you can use the pressure washer to clean it. After this, the invasive moss or plants should wash away when rinsing your roof.


Maintaining a spotless roof is crucial to preserving its structural integrity and aesthetic value. Keeping up with this maintenance routine will increase the lifespan and protection of your roof. Let’s say you’re thinking about doing this risky job alone. Thus, following the guidelines mentioned above will make the process lot easier and safer. However, if you need your roof cleaned thoroughly, the Roofing Contractor of Southbury can help you out.

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