5 Common Myths About Roofs

Homeowners might often take the roof over their heads for granted. However, a roof is a vital part of any structure, whether a home or a business. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths concerning roof maintenance and installation, which can lead property owners to make poor judgments when it comes to keeping their roofs in good condition. 

The good news is that we’re here to debunk some of the more widespread misconceptions about roofs and provide you with some advice on how to keep your house safe for years to come.

1. Dark-colored Shingles Will Increase Your Monthly Energy Costs.

This is one of the most common false beliefs that we hear. On sunny days, darker roofs absorb more heat, but that doesn’t always mean your energy costs will go up. This is because, in most cases, your attic has layers of insulation and vents, which stop heat from moving from the roof into your home. 

2. It’s Okay To Put New Shingles on Top of Old Ones.

It’s a common misconception that you may save money by installing new shingles directly on top of the old ones. However, that statement is not true. You could save some money right now, but it could backfire significantly in the near future. This is because your roof has a maximum load capacity, and adding another layer of shingles would greatly increase the roof’s weight, increasing the risk of catastrophic structural failure. On top of that, the old and deteriorated roofing underlayment is still there, so even a new coating of shingles won’t keep water out very well.

3. A Roof  Replacement Is Not Needed Unless It Leaks

Unlike a visible leak, not all roofing problems can be seen immediately. A professional roofing contractor is the only one who can evaluate your Danbury, CT roof thoroughly enough to spot minor issues before they become costly repairs. Keep in mind that if water makes its way into the roofing system, it may wreak havoc on the decking, structural components, and other interior features, driving up the roof replacement cost.

4. Each and Every Asphalt Shingle Is Identical

Asphalt shingles may share a standard composition and manufacturing process, but their quality might vary widely. Asphalt shingles are available in various styles, hues, and quality levels across numerous manufacturers and distributors. If you’re curious about the specific shingle brand your roofer uses and why it’s best to ask them directly.

5. Roof Repairs are Costly

Unfortunately, this misconception prevents people from adopting necessary safety precautions to protect their roofs and property. Extensive repairs can be costly, but many minor fixes can be handled easily and cheaply. 

A professional roofing contractor can assess the damage and implement the necessary repair at a reasonable cost. When performed on time, this will save you money by preventing more extensive damage to your home and extending the life of your roof.

What’s Next?

The easiest method to save money on roof repairs over the long term is to adopt a preventative maintenance plan. Doing so can prevent minor problems from developing into costly ones. Feel free to call the Roofing Contractor of Danbury at any time if you have any concerns regarding the condition of your roof or would like to book a roof inspection.

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